Cost of Living

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With very competitive consumer spending, affordable tuition fees and free health care, Haut-Richelieu is a region where life is good.

Dépenses moyennes des ménages en dollars canadiens PAR ANNÉE, pour la province de Québec.

  • Total Expenses: $73,357
  • Total current consumption: $53,969
  • Food expenses: $7,788
  • Housing: $14,533
  • Current expenses: $4,252
  • Household furnishings and equipment: $1,890
  • Clothing and accessories: $2,996
  • Transportation: $10,231
  • Health care: $2,925
  • Personal care: $1,171
  • Recreation: $3,569
  • Education: $1,005
  • Reading material and other printed materials: $130
  • Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages: $1,729
  • Gambling: $191
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $1,558
  • Income taxes: $13,388
  • Individual insurance payments and superannuation contributions: $4,950
  • Cash gifts, alimony and charitable donations: $1,049

The Real estate cost in Quebec is very affordable and is one of the lowest in Canada. Compared to many other surrounding municipalities, house prices still seem affordable in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu with a median price of $242,000 for sales in 2016. Among the 100 cities in Quebec analyzed by JLR, the municipality ranks 53rd in terms of accessibility. For example, the median price was set at $340,000 for La Prairie, $298,000 for Chambly and $205,000 for Granby.
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The Haut-Richelieu region is very well served by telecommunications. The entire territory is covered to allow businesses and citizens to communicate and stay connected at all times. In addition to Vidéotron and Bell, the top players, IHR Telecom offers telecommunications services such as Internet, television and fibre optic telephony. This represents more than 1400 customers covered since their opening in 2008.
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It is important to note that Hydro-Québec is required to maintain its electricity rates uniform throughout Québec. We are privileged to have the lowest electricity rates in North America, all supervised by the Régie de l’énergie. Your electricity bill will be adjusted according to your consumption. For more information, please refer to Hydro-Québec’s website.
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