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NexDev has formed a partnership with a Tunisian company

November 28, 2018

On November 28th, we signed a partnership agreement with Tunisian company OneTech Group as part of InnoSecur development. This agreement will stimulate innovative and collaborative projects in information technology, R&D as well as training. OTS2 One Tech Group is a technology provider for among other things, aerospace industries. A major part of their work focus on software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity and training projects. We have identified some potential collaborative projects that could be implemented jointly. Collaboration is expected to promote the development of ÌT projects in the strategic sectors related to economic development in the Haut-Richelieu region:

  • Stimulate innovative and collaborative IT projects in automotive, aerospace, defense, cloud computing and cybersecurity
  • Support collaborative development in research and development in these strategic sectors
  • Support and reinforce skills and competencies in the previously mentioned sectors by mutual training cycles
  • Create an environment to support R&D and innovation projects as well as support the creation of innovating startup and spinoff in the the sections mentioned
  • Stimulate collaboration and promote Haut-Richelieu’s companies with OneTech Group companies

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